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Heart of Business

Author: Raymond Harris
ISBN: 9781612914688
Publisher: Navpress
Year: 2013
Pages: 151
Solomon's wisdom for success in any economy
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Proverbs: God's instruction for successful business
Young business executives who live according to God's Word build careers on an unshakable foundation.The book of Proverbs is God's timeless wisdom for becoming an effective business leader in the twenty-first century. Written for those leaders just starting out, The Heart of Business relates Proverbs to critical areas of business and ministry life:
  • God's promises
  • Our responsibilities
  • Seek these things ( treasures)
  • Do these things ( disciplines )
  • Develop these things ( habits)
  • Avoid these things ( sins )
  • Become these things ( righteous character )

With engaging stories and applications that can relate to any field of work, this guide shows you how to be a godly leader impacting employees, the workplace, and the world.



Chapter 1: Operating a Business in God's Economy

Chapter 2: God's Promises

Chapter 3: Seek These things ( treasures)

Chapter 4: Do These Things ( disciplines )

Chapter 5: Develop These things ( habits)

Chapter 6: Avoid These things ( Destructive Behaviors )

Chapter 7: Become These things ( Characteristics )

Chapter 8: A Journey Toward Stewardship

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