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The Gentle Art of Discipling Women

Author:  Dana Yeakley
ISBN:  9781631463822
Publisher:  Navpress
Published:  2015
Pages:  180
Sub-title:  Nurturing authentic faith in ourselves and others

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Discipleship is a responsibility of every believer, yet many of us avoid doing it because we don’t know where to start. The Gentle Art of Discipling Women provides a framework for discipleship from the mentoring voice of a seasoned discipler. Dana Yeakley walks with you through the foundational principles of who you are in Christ and how you are uniquely equipped to pass along what He has taught you.

The book is divided into two parts:
  • Be a Disciple: Four foundational truths (We Are Becoming; We Are Forgiven; We Have Access; We Are Safe) strengthen our confidence so that we can pass along our faith.
  • Make a Disciple: Four questions (How Do We Create the Right Atmosphere? Who Do We Help? What Do We Share? How Does Discipling One-on-One Actually Work?) help us nurture a discipleship relationship.
The Gentle Art of Discipling Women will help each woman discover her unique gifting in discipleship through her relationship with God, her personality, and her story.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Be His Disciple
1.  We are Forgiven
2.  We are Safe
3.  We have Access
4.  We are Becoming

Part 2 - Make a Disciple
5.  How do We Create a Life-giving Atmosphere?
6.  Whom do We Help?
7.  What do We Share?
8.  How does Discipling One-on One Actually Work?


"In a culture where our identity is often focused on what we do, Dana places equal emphasis on being a mature disciple before we do anything for God.  With a solid foundation of faith and security in our identity in Christ, we can confidently engage others with proper motivation and intentionally colabor with God in the gentle art of disciplemaking."
---KIMBERLY MATTHISEN, Alongside Women and National Leadership Team, Navigators of Canada

"If you've ever felt intimidated when a young woman asks if you will disciple her, read this book!  In The Gentle Art of Discipling Women, Dana Yeakley has included everything you need to know when you say yes to the exciting opportunity of investing in the life of someone who wants to grow in her faith.  You will learn how to be a disciple and how to take specific action steps to make disciples.  This is a must-have resource!
---CAROL KENT, Speaker and author of Becoming a Woman of Influence
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