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The Sacred-Secular Mistake

Editor:  Scott Morton
ISBN:  97809972700006
Publisher:  Navigators Resource Centre
Published:  2016
Pages:  32
Sub-title:  Straight Talk about Finding and Funding Your Contribution in the Kingdom
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Scott Morton, the Navigator International Funding Coach, has published The Sacred-Secular Mistake, a 32-page booklet to help you discern your calling.

History reveals that believers have been confused about the role of laity versus clerical workers in the Kingdom of God. Many believed that the only true way to serve God was in clerical (so called full-time ministry) role.

Others have reacted to that and said the only way to reach a culture with the message of Christ is as the "lay-people"  carry the gospel into their natural surroundings.

And so today many dedicated laborers for Christ feel a cloud of guilt as they consider God's role for them. But does it have to be either/or? This booklet is a Bible study and workbook for you to seek God. and much more. It includes down-to-earth straight talk from people like you who have struggled with finding their place in the Kingdom.

This booklet is for:

  • College students and recent graduates questioning next steps in life
  • People considering cross-cultural missions
  • Professionals who question their career significance
  • Gift-income laborers whose calling has blurred

The Sacred-Secular Mistake shows, biblically, that people in “full-time ministry” and those in “secular work” both have vital callings for God’s purposes!
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