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Author:  Scott Morton
ISBN:  9780974046440
Publisher:  CMM Press
Published:  2016
Pages:  208
Sub-title:  Leading your team and ministry to full funding
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Are you missing a hidden responsibility in your leadership?

As with driving a car, if you don’t pay attention to your blind spots in leadership, you’ll likely have some accidents. Similarly, if you don’t address fundraising with your staff you will bypass their personal felt needs—and you’ll have some accidents.

But we’re not without guidance! The Bible has plenty to say about fundraising and leadership, and this book explores six biblical leaders who faced the same fundraising-leadership issues confronting you today. So fasten your seatbelt!

Blindspots explores: You: Blind Spots in Your Personal Outlook Your Team: Blind Spots as You Lead Others Your Strategies: Blind Spots in Your Fundraising Practices Your Organization: Blind Spots in Your Organizational Structure and Systems

Table of Contents
Section 1   You:  Blind Spots in Your Personal Outlook
Section 2   Your Team:  Blind Spots As You Lead Others
Section 3   Your Strategies:  Blind Spots in Your Fundraising Practices
Section 4   Your Organization:  Blind Spots in Your Organizational Structure and Systems

God has used Scott Morton to motivate, train, coach and influence countless faith-based, non-profit organizations through his writing, training and personal ministry. I am one of those leaders. There is no one better qualified to speak to leadership funding than Scott.
---Lauren Libby, International President/CEO of TransWorld Radio

Blindspots is a biblically-based, must-read for all ministry leaders engaged in fundraising. Scott Morton provides a wealth of practical principles, steps, and ideas for leading others through the challenges of funding a ministry.
---Dave Blomberg, Director of Ministry Partnership, Mission Aviation Fellowship

Once again, Scott Morton has provided a great service to the body of Christ, especially to ministry leaders. Addressing the challenging and often fear-filled topic of fundraising, Scott’s new book gives hope and help to many through his strong biblical and practical approach.
---Betty Barnett, author of Friend Raising: Building A Missionary Support Team That Lasts

Blindspots is definitely going to bless any serious ministry leader.
---Emeka Ohahuru, City Director, The Navigators, Lagos, Nigeria

Many leaders do not know practical steps of how to help their people do fundraising well. Scott puts feet to admonition, know-how to necessity, and fun and satisfaction to the process. I often say this is a “must-read” book. But Blindspots is a “must-do” book. This is much more a book of action than information. Scott practices what he preaches. Blindspots has the smell of the fire of battle, not just the musings in the closet of academia.
---Jerry E. White, PhD., International President Emeritus, The Navigators, Author of Honesty, Morality and Conscience and To Be a Friend

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