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Almost There

Author: Bekah DiFelice
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 9781631464713
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 172
Subtitle: Searching for Home in a Life on the Move
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On the move . . . again? Wondering when you will “arrive”?

Sometimes God leads people out of familiar territory so he can tell them who they are. That moment you depart, you experience reinvention, renewal, and freedom. You get a redo on the adjectives associated with your name.

Almost There is for those on the move and those who feel restless right where they are. It’s for those who struggle with not belonging, with feeling unsettled, with believing that home is out of their reach, at least for the moment. And Almost There is for those who find themselves in a transient lifestyle they didn’t expect—say, moving across the country for a new job or the military or an opportunity to begin again.

With imaginative storytelling and witty, relatable prose, Bekah DiFelice offers wisdom for those struggling to belong in a world where home is constantly shifting. When our hope of home is rooted in an unchangeable God, we are not uprooted, lost, or made homeless by change. We become found ones on the move. Bekah shares her story of discovering pieces of home in the most unexpected places.

Introduction: Adrift

Chapter One - Gila Bend: On Leaving Home
Chapter Two - Empty Rooms: On Moving In
Chapter Three - When I Stopped Running: On Legacy and Identity
Chapter Four - Steadfast: On Marriage
Chapter Five - The Front Door: On Fear
Chapter Six - Making Room: On Homecoming
Chapter Seven - The Rickety Table: On Building Community
Chapter Eight - The Most Homesick Day: On Church
Chapter Nine - Almost There: On Faith and Doubt
Chapter Ten - Where Our Parents Left Off: On the Pull to Move Back
Chapter Eleven - Outpost: On Hospitality
Chapter Twelve - Never A Native: On Life on the Move


Almost There reads like a long-awaited letter from a long-lost friend. It's immersive, as the best kind of storytelling should be. It's honest and warm, as the best kinds of friends are. DiFelice writes about home as it's lived and lost and loved. - Jen Pollock Michel, Author of Teach Us to Want: Longing, Ambition, and the Life of Faith and
Keeping Place: Reflections on the Meaning of Home.

Among the stories and thoughts that Bekah DiFelice shares in her debut book are her joyful passion and earnest quest to live live fully. Almost There is packed with so many relatable themes, including fear, longing, doubt, and identity. Bekah's story will not only help you discover big and small pieces of your won story but will also encourage and inspire you to pursue your own new adventures, wherever you are. A beautiful storyteller whose heart for God and family shines, Bekah gives us all a gift of light and love in Almost There.

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