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Genius of One

Author: Greg Holder
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 9781631466311
Year of Publication: 2017
Pages: 203
Subtitle: God's Answer for Our Fractured World
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Everything meaningful begins with one.

In a fractured and on-edge world, there are some who are called to unity. Unity is not always or intuitive. It is simply a better way. It is how God still gets things done on this earth. It traces back to the prayer Jesus prayed on the worst night of his life: that we "would be one."

In The Genius of One, author and pastor Greg Holder takes his readers on a journey from that glorious prayer of Jesus , past the debates and divisions that isolate Christians, and into the reality of a church united under God for the sake of the world.

For those who cling to the hope that God is still at work, this book will both stir a deeper longing for unity and provide practical steps toward that path.

  1. The Worst Night of Someone Else's Life:  The Prayer Prayed for Us
  2. When Sharks Dance:  The Example Set before Us
  3. Sheer Genius: The Plan Laid for Us
  4. Keep One Eye on the Fish, the Other on the Bear:  The Challenge Ahead of Us
  5. A Story about Guns:  In the Presence of Humility
  6. At Some Point All of Our Movies Stink:  The Hard Work of Collaboration
  7. The Disclaimer: The Hard Work You Do Alone
  8. Life and Death:  Grace and Grumbling in Our Words
  9. The Color of a Cobra's Eyes:  The Poison of Gossip
  10. Hang On to that Red Shirt:  Entering the Trouble of Another
  11. The Jesus Answer:  Lessons Learned in Ferguson
  12. Answered Prayer:  How the World Could Still Change
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Genius of One
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