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Talking About God

Author: Steve & Cheri Saccone
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631466991
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 211
Subtitle: Honest Conversations About Spirituality
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Love. Listen. Lean in. Your friends are more ready than you expect.

Evangelism is intimidating. But talking is natural - a vital part of every meaningful relationship you've ever had. Steve and Cheri Saccone demonstrate that talking about God is simple when we commit first to loving and listening to our friends.

For people who want their friends to know Jesus, Talking about God offers refreshing portraits of natural, organic, God-directed conversations that honor the people we love.


A Conversation With Jen: Narrated by Cheri
1. Not Feelin' It
2. Resurrected Regrets
3. Turning the Page

A Conversation With Yash: Narrated by Steve
4. Where Do I Belong?
5. Which God Will I Follow?

A Conversation With Lacey: Narrated by Cheri
6. Coffee, Art, and Spirituality
7. I Once Was Lost....

A Conversation With Jake: Narrated by Steve
8. God at a Distance
9. Breaking Free

A Conversation With Maya: Narrated by Cheri
10. Unexpected Friends
11. Taking Off the Mask

A Conversation With Eric: Narrated by Steve
12. I Love Jesus But....
13. Wrestling with God
14. Who Do I Listen To?


In a world that is polarized and hostile when addressing topics such as sexuality, politics, morality, and religion, this book provides fresh wisdom and practical tools. It will help you break down the barriers and build authentic friendships with those whose worldview could not be more different from your own. I highly recommend it! -
Chip Ingram, Teaching pastor of Living on the Edge and author of Why I Believe.

I wish I had had friends like Steve and Cheri to patiently listen and speak grace and wisdom into my life as I journeyed toward Christ. The precious and sensitive conversations that they share in Talking about God are at once heartwarming and a road map for the posture and care that Christians have the privilege of offering to spiritual seekers. I love this book, and I'm learning! - Caesar Kalinowski, Author of The Gospel Primer, Transformed, and Bigger Gospel.

Through six unique narratives, they remind us that "sharing our faith" has never been about power or rightness, but rather about a reflection of Jesus that moves toward honest and caring engagement. I hope these stories will inspire and educate you as they have for me. - Nancy Ortberg, Author of Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands: Lessons in Non-Linear Leadership.
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