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Ready or Not

Author: Drew Moser & Jess Fankhauser
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631467967
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 199
Subtitle: Leaning into Life in Our Twenties
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Your future has already begun.

Discerning a calling is a messy undertaking. You are already involved in many good things now, even as you are being called to many good things in your future. The good life - good work, good relationships, good citizenship, good faith - is to be enjoyed now, and to be pursued on every horizon. We are living out the Kingdom of God even as we seek it.

Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser draw on their experience mentoring college students to help you explore the full depths of your twenties with bravery and vulnerability. With field-tested exercises and insight into life skills, personal growth, and spirituality, Ready or Not will set you on a faithful trajectory toward a good and meaningful life.

Introduction: So, What Are My Twenties for, Anyway?
  1. Vocation
  2. God & Us
  3. Past & Present
  4. Dimensions & Rhythms
  5. Spirituality
  6. Work
  7. Family
  8. Church
  9. Community

Conclusion: Time to Lean

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