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Planning Small Groups with Purpose

Planning Small Groups with Purpose
Author: Steve Gladen
Publisher: Baker
ISBN: 9780801077890
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 233
Subtitle: A Field-Tested Guide to Design and Grow Your Ministry
Available: July 3/18
Price: $23.99
Our Price: $16.79 ($17.63 incl. TAX)
You Save: $7.20 (30%)

Small groups are a great way to promote the spiritual formation of church attendees. But leading them well can be hard work, especially if you don't have a plan.

This practical resource helps pastors and small group point people develop and implement a 12- to 18-month strategic plan for their ministries in order to keep it healthy and growing. Developed at Saddleback Church, this completely customizable plan works for any church size and any denomination. Readers answer 22 questions that help them understand their vision, the purpose of their ministry, and how to connect members, grow numerically and spiritually, measure progress, develop leaders, create opportunities to serve, and much more. By the time they're done, readers will have developed their own personalized planner for the next year to 18 months so that they can feel prepared, confident, and purposeful about their small group ministry.


The Foundation - 1. Think Churchwide
                             2. Lead as a Team
                             3. Lead Effectively
                             4. Lead with a Vision and Mission
The Home - The Kitchen: Connecting People Through Small Groups
The Family Room: Growing People in Small Groups
The Study: Investing in God's Kingdom through Small Groups
The Front Door: Reaching Others through Small Groups
The Dining Room: Sustaining Long-Term Success in Small Groups
Conclusion: Putting It All Together

Appendix: Saddleback Church's Curriculum Pathway


I love Steve's work because it is always rooted in experience, forged in the crucible of real group life with dedicated leaders, and readily used or adapted in other churches. Mine this resource for all you can get!
- Dr. Bill Donahue, president, The LeaderSync Group; associate professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

It has been many years since a book arrived that mixed small group foundations with a practical 'how to' guide. This book will walk you through important decisions as you build a Groups ministry full of purpose. Steve is no mere philosopher of Groups but a veteran with a proven track record for building one of the most life changing groups ministries in modern times. If you are leading the charge of community you must devour this book. -  Bill Search, author of The Essential Guide for Small Group Leaders

Do not just read this book. Work it. Implement, measure, assess. Question everything. Repeat. In Planning Small Groups with Purpose, Steve Gladen outlines a process for designing a group model and strategy that are uniquely fitted to your church. If you are just looking for easy answers, this is not the book for you. If you are looking for the right questions to lead you to the most relevant answers, then gather your team, open this book, and grab a pen. Planning Small Groups with Purpose isn't just a onetime read; it is a manual that will serve you for years to come. --  Heather Zempel, discipleship pastor, National Community Church; author of Community Is Messy

This is an invaluable resource for all small group point people who want to propel their ministry to the next level. Full of insightful questions, biblical principles, practical ideas, and actionable content, Steve guide you through a meticulous process of defining, creating, planning, and developing a thriving small groups ministry. Great tool to use with your ministry team to hone in on the vision, strategy, and tactics for growing a discipleship culture through healthy small groups in your church. - Carolyn Taketa, Small Groups Pastor, Calvary Community Church.
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