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Author: Roy Goble
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631469565
Pages: 200
Year Printed: 20072019
Subtitle: Leadership Lessons Pulled From the Junkyard

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Perfect people make lousy leaders.

Sure, leadership books are great and all, but they never really get into the nitty-gritty - like when rats are falling from the rafters of your warehouse, or the zoning board is putting a drag on your building project, or your homemade rocket launcher doesn't fire as far as you expected it to. Salvaged: Leadership Lessons from the Junkyard never deals in abstractions, whether from the analytics or from the sacred Scriptures. You'll laugh, you' ll think, and you might even pray to make better decisions, persevere through bigger challenges, and be a better leader for your people.

  1. Cake and Pickles (and No, I'm Not Pregnant)
  2. Aim High! (Especially with an Acetylene-Powered Homemade Bazooka)
  3. Rats in the Rafters
  4. Bring Donuts When You're Late (and Don't Be Late)
  5. The Negotiator
  6. Rolls-Royce Car Pool
  7. Smoke-Filled Rooms
  8. It's Good to Have Friends in Low Places
  9. Import/Export
  10. Questioning Captain Satellite
  11. Gambling on Answers
  12. Profanity Must Be Earned
  13. A Flamethrower and Immunity
  14. Getting the Right People on the Bus
  15. Good to Great?
  16. Management Techniques Are Addictive
  17. Babies Don't Earn Paychecks
  18. Scale Like an Investor (If You Want to Mess Up)
  19. Boring is Good
  20. Perfect People Make Lousy Leaders
  21. Questions for Young (and Dumb) Leaders
  22. Silos
  23. Risk-Adjustment School
  24. Leadership as a Code Word for Power
  25. Get Off Your Pedestal before It Gets Knocked Over
  26. Is It Lonely at the Top
  27. Your Business Will Fail (Get over It)
  28. Know Thyself
  29. The Freestarter
  30. Never Buy Cheap Champagne
  31. Acta Non Verba
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