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Hospitable Leader

Author: Terry A. Smith
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764232145
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 230
Subtitle: Create Environments Where People and Dreams Flourish
Price$23.99 $25.19 with TAX
Everyone is a leader somewhere, whether a parent, pastor, coach, or CEO, anyone can learn to lead hospitably.

Hospitable leadership is a big idea. An urgently needed idea. In a world that far too often feels inhospitable, people are longing for leaders who create a climate that brings diverse people together to achieve desired and meaningful results. That's what hospitable leaders do. Hospitable leaders create environments of welcome where moral leadership can more effectively influence an ever-expanding group of people to accomplish worthy goals together.

Terry Smith has lived this paradigm-shifting message and has grown an incredibly diverse congregation with a robust leadership culture in the New York City metropolitan area.

In The Hospitable Leader, he shares how to warm people's hearts so they are more receptive to your leadership efforts. The many keys you will discover include how to:
  • employ the metamorphic possibility of welcoming strangers to your circle of influence
  • communicate transformative truths with grace
  • make your dreams come true by helping others realize their own
Practicing leadership with a hospitality mindset is the right way - the moral way - to lead people. But when understood properly, hospitable leadership has a radical edge. And it brings revolutionary results.

  1. The Hospitable Leader
  2. The Power of a Warm Heart
  3. Stranger Angels
  4. Radical Hospitality Produces Revolutionary Results
  5. Head Full of Dreams
  6. Anything Is Possible in Your Area of Destiny
  7. Dream Challenge
  8. Grace and Truth
  9. People Are Opportunities
  10. Communication Champion
  11. The Usefulness of Beautiful Things
  12. Enjoy Life
  13. Happiness Creates Conditions for Success
  14. Always Hope for More
Here's a gentle reminder that leading effectively can be enhanced by including the heart as well as the head. Be prepared to see how caring, warm relationships can surpass technology and tactics as approaches to extraordinary organizational success. Breaking bread together may accomplish more than harsh words and demanding quotas. - Dan Miller, NY Times bestselling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love.

In The Hospitable Leader, Terry shares the surprising keys to creating environments where people thrive and realize their God-inspired dreams. Whether you're a CEO, pastor or parent, you will be equipped to adopt this unique leadership paradigm and unleash the power it brings to effectively influence others. - Tommy Barnett, copastor, Dream City Church, Phoenix.

Given the constant expectations and demands on leaders, being hospitable can be easily overlooked. Yet, it's a prerequisite for effective leadership. Using clear, simple language, Terry Smith provides us with tools to help us excel in creating a hospitable culture for those we lead. His leadership take-homes at the end of every chapter will make you a 'doer'.  - MIchael Durso, senior pastor, Christ Tabernacle, Glendale, NY.
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