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Sacred Questions

Author: Kellye Fabian
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631469282
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 484
Subtitle: 365 Days of responding to God
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An invitation to draw closer to God......A transformative journey through the Bible.

Sacred Questions invites you into a daily dialogue with God through Scripture. Step in for 20 minutes each day, and say yes to Jesus' invitation to bring him your weariness, your burnout, your broken heart, your triumphs, your questions, and your devastating mistakes. On this yearlong journey of transformation, 14 intentional sections will guide you into a holy space where God will uncover your deepest questions and respond. Come, draw closer to the one who loves you. You will discover more of who he is ......and who you are. And you will learn to live every day with your heart and eyes lifted to Jesus, and your hands open to a waiting world.

  1. Responding to Jesus' Invitations
  2. Opening to God's Love
  3. Knowing the One You Follow
  4. Finding Your Identity in Christ
  5. Abiding in God in a World of Distractions
  6. Being Formed by What's True
  7. Loving Like Jesus
  8. Opening Your Eyes to the Kingdom of God
  9. Aligning with the Holy Spirit
  10. Lamenting Your Pain and the Pain of the World
  11. Worshiping God for the Beauty of Creation
  12. Reaching Out to Serve
  13. waiting for the Coming Christ (Christmas)
  14. Experiencing Jesus' Last Days and Resurrection
The questions we ask define our future. Like large doors swinging on small hinges, the questions we ask unlock new journeys, holy conviction and unexpected destiny. Kellye Fabian has a unique gift with the most perceptive and illuminating questions. In her book Sacred Questions, Kellye will gently guide you on a journey that will inevitably lead you to new doors of discovery. _ Darren Whitehead, DMin, senior pastor of Church of the City and author of Holy Roar (with Chris Tomlin).

Each morning for the past four years, Kellye Fabian's devotions have been feeding my soul, reminding me how to slow down, guiding me into prayer with the Father, and helping me walk deeply with Jesus and receive all that the Holy Spirit has for me. When you dive into Sacred Questions, come expecting to be pastored and empowered, guided and equipped through the use of Scripture, story, prayer, and reflection on how to live your one and only life in response to our great God. - Steve Carter, speaker, author of This Invitational Life.
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