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Simple Discipleship

Author: Dana Allin
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631467134
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 181
Subtitle: Grow Your Faith, transform Your Community
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A clear & personalized path for discipleship.

Discipleship can feel like a meandering journey - we don't know what we want, and none of the programs offered seem to get us anywhere.

We need something to orient ourselves, something to direct our steps toward a clear destination. Simple Discipleship, with its companion assessment tool, offers a plan for discipleship that is tailored to your life and your personality and clearly pointed in the way of Jesus.

Most discipleship resources are designed as mass productions - efficient for touching many, but often failing to see individuals grow in Christ. This book offers the best of both worlds - an assessment tool for your entire church, combined with an achievable, personalized discipling strategy.

Introduction: The Main Thing
  1. The Essence of a Disciple
  2. Jesus - the Great Disciple Maker
  3. Gospel Identity: The Center of a Disciple
  4. Qualities of the Heart: The Character of a Disciple
  5. Qualities of the Mind: The Knowledge of a Disciple
  6. Qualities of the Hand, Part 1: The Mission of a Disciple
  7. Qualities of the Hand, Part 2: The Ministry of a Disciple
  8. Designing a Personal Plan for Discipleship
  9. Discipling as Coaching
  10. Strategies and Environments for Discipleship

Appendix: A Simple Discipleship Assessment
Appendix B: Resources to Aid in Discipleship Design Development
Appendix C: Sample Designs

Take the Simple Discipleship Assessment

The church exists to make disciples. Dana Allin issues here a desperately needed invitation to embrace our assignment with urgent grace and eager hearts. - John Ortberg, pastor & author.

In Simple Discipleship, Dana Allin brings together two of my favorite topics: coaching and discipleship. His thesis in this book - that discipleship happens primarily through life experiences and relationship rather than listening to sermons and reading books - is absolutely right. he also gives the reader practical tracks to run on: specific qualities and characteristics of a disciple, tips for creating a personalized disciple-making plan, and a path to implementation.  - Bob Logan , coauthor of The Discipleship Difference

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