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Author: Tina Boesch
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631469732
Year of Publication: 2019
Pages: 259
Subtitle: The Forgotten Meaning and Practice of Blessing
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To bless is to express love.

A blessing is, for many of us, something good and pleasant that occasionally happens. Something quaint. For most of the world, however, blessing is much more profound: It's a prayer with the horizon in view.

Tina Boesch discovered this richer aspect of blessing as she lived and ministered in far-flung places around the world, where blessings reach beyond mere congratulations to deep visions for life-long flourishing. She discovered a current of blessing that runs from the dawn of Creation to the ebb and flow of our everyday lives. More than that, she found that God has designed us not only to speak blessings to one another but also to become blessings.

In Given, Tine shares stories, insights, and practical steps to help us move wholeheartedly - in word and deed - toward the future good of those we love.

  1. Blessing in the Beginning: Into Relationship
  2. Blessing That Frees Us to Follow: Letting Go
  3. Blessing a Child: Envisioning Future Hope
  4. Blessing That Creates Community: Seeing (and Being) Shine
  5. Inspiration for Blessing: Beyond Magic
  6. Sustaining Blessing: When Life Is Hard
  7. Blessing Around the Table: Shared Abundance
  8. Blessing Even Enemies: The Arena of Grace
  9. Blessing That Cancels Curse: The Living Tree
  10. Wrestling for Blessing: Transformation

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