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All Shall Be Well

Author: Catherine McNiel
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631469770
Year of Publication: 2019
Pages: 192
Subtitle: Awakening to God's Presence in His Messy, Abundant World

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He is always making thing new.

The heavens declare the glory of God, but do we remember to look around and join the song? The Creator embedded an eternity of spiritual truth into creation and redemption is going on all around us - but we are often too busy and distracted to notice. All Shall Be Well is about walking barefoot on dew-drenched grass, caring for children and aging parents, and crunching through fallen leaves. It is a book about living life from its imperceptible beginnings through to its full vibrancy and continuing  courageously on toward certain decline. About accepting both the flower and the thorn, the gift and the loss.

All Shall Be Well takes the message of creation and redemption out of stained-glass cathedrals and textbooks and into our common experience of spring and summer, autumn and winter. Catherine intertwines reality with theology, awakening the reader to the truth of God declared all around us. Seamlessly weaving bible passages into stories of real life, Catherine kindles belief in an unbelievable reality: that God does his creative, redemptive work in the mud and mortar of each mundane moment ......and he is always, always making things new.

  1. Thawing Hope
  2. Clouds Faith
  3. Beauty Intimacy
  4. Heavens Wonder
  5. Abundance Purpose
  6. Toil Faithfulness
  7. Harvest Gratitude
  8. Leaves Surrender
  9. Twilight Trust
  10. Snow Rest
  11. Wilderness Dependence
  12. Salt Endurance
Encore: Resurrection

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