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Abide in Christ

Author: Andrew Murray
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641582247
Year of Publication: 2019 Modernized Edition
Pages: 161
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Many Christians go to church each week burdened by guilt and shame, believing they are unworthy of God’s full love. In Abide in Christ, Andrew Murray reminds every Christian that God promises His constant presence with them.

In just ten minutes a day, Andrew Murray’s 31-day spiritual guide offers timeless meditations and practical lessons. Move from a divided heart to wholehearted surrender. Your hunger for God’s presence is made to be satisfied—experience a deep, authentic, and ongoing connection with Jesus.

In this edition, Murray’s 19th-century classic features lightly updated language for easier reading, understanding, and connecting with Jesus.

With a foreword and afterword by Doug Nuenke, US president of The Navigators, Abide in Christ will send you into the world even as it draws you into a full life in Christ.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: 31 Day Devotional


When I was invited to read the manuscript for this version of Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray, I had just finished listening to an audiobook of the classic version. I'd not read it in many years, and it was so refreshing to dive into this timeless message again. The one thing I found myself wishing was that there was an updated version in today's English. Voila! It's here. I commend to you this refreshing version of Andrew Murray's classic. Prepare to have your soul refreshed. - Tom Bourke, associate field director, Navigators Cities.

The invitation to abide in Christ has wooed and inspired generation after generation for millennia, and this fresh edition of Andrew Murray's work will lead many more into what Jesus meant when He promised, "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be full." I want more of that! It really does work. It really is practical. And it really is contemporary. _ David Lyons, international vice president, The Navigators.

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