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Help! My Bible is Alive!

Author: Nicole Unice
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641580212
Year of Publication: 2019
Pages: 188
Subtitle: 30 days of learning to love and understand God's Word
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We want to experience God through the Bible . . .

We really do!

But our good intentions fall flat when reading the Bible just doesn’t seem to make that happen. What should feel dynamic and important and alive often feels confusing and boring and irrelevant. But it doesn’t have to.

In Help! My Bible is Alive!, pastor and Bible teacher Nicole Unice brings life back to reading the Bible by helping you personally encounter God through his Word.

With Help! My Bible is Alive!, you’ll learn to . . .
  • find the meaning of any portion of Scripture;
  • apply four key questions to every passage;
  • create valuable habits by workshopping key verses; and
  • find practical principles as you read parables, poetry, narratives, ancient letters, and wisdom literature.
Take this 30-day challenge and develop habits that will sustain a vibrant spiritual life where the Word of God is alive and active for you.

  1. Part 1: Why You Need Your Bible (Day 1-5)
  2. Part 2: Understanding What the Bible Is Actually Saying (Day 6-10)
  3. Part 3: Investigating the Backstory (Day 11-15)
  4. Part 4: Moving to What Matters (Day 16-20)
  5. Part 5: Jesus at the Kitchen Table (Day 21-25)
  6. Part 6: Weaving It Together (Day 26-30)
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Whether you've tried a hundred times to get into rhythm of reading the Bible of this is your first time picking it up, Help! My Bible is Alive! will prove to be an invaluable resource in your journey. With charm, levity, wisdom, and all-too-real examples, Nicole Unice will give you the tools and courage that can help you find the fun and life-changing joy of consistently being in God's Word. - Dave Cartwright, ThM in NT studies, associate pastor at Epikos Church.

Nicole knows how to help Bible readers turn the key. I have personally sat in groups as she taught this material and have witnessed its effectiveness. It is an indispensable tool for those desiring to grow in their relationship with Christ. - Dr. David 'Tuck" Knupp, pastor and Young Life trainer.

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