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Small Groups Made Easy

Author: Ryan Lokkesmoe
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764233913
Year of Publication: 2019
Pages: 157
Subtitle: Practical and Biblical Starting Points to Lead Your Gathering
Price$19.99 $20.99 with TAX
The most practical small group book on the market!

You're interested in leading a small group, but you're a little afraid. What are you getting yourself into? How do you get started? Don't worry - you're not alone.

Small Groups Made Easy provides practical pointers, showing you how to overcome challenges and lead discussions. The first half of the book will cover things like understanding your role, organizing your gatherings, responding to shy or overly talkative members, taking care of your group, and much more!

The second half of the book is made up of 12 short Bible studies that include icebreaker questions, discussion guides, and sample prayers. These studies are focused on key spiritual questions that routinely arise in small groups, such as What is God like? How do I grow spiritually? How should I pray? Where is God when I suffer? How can I repair broken relationships?

In this book you'll discover all the tools you need to lead an effective, enjoyable, life-giving small group!


  1. Classic Christianity
  2. Clarifying Your Role
  3. Logistical Matters
  4. Personal Challenges
  5. Spiritual Concerns
  6. What Is God Like?
  7. What Is Grace?
  8. How Does God View Me?
  9. What Does It Mean to Have Faith in God?
  10. How Do I Grow Spiritually?
  11. What Is Sin and How Does It Affect My Life?
  12. How Should I Pray?
  13. Where Is God When I Suffer?
  14. How Can I Repair Broken Relationships?
  15. How Should I View My Money and Possessions?
  16. What Should I Think about People Who Don't Share My Beliefs?
  17. What If I Have Doubts about God or Something the Bible Says?
Conclusion: Some Reassurances about Leading a Small Group


Small Groups Made Easy delivers on its promise to make leading a small group easy. The leadership principles are clear, concise, and applicable. They aren't idealistic. They're realistic. And the studies answer some of the most common and compelling questions both new and longtime believers ask. - Larry Osborne, pastor, North Coast Church; author, Lead Like a Shepherd.

Ryan Lokkesmoe takes complex topics and boils them down to chewable bites, easily digested by laypeople. In Small Groups Made Easy, Lokkesmoe addresses typical frustrations of group leaders, then provides studies on foundational topics that most everyone wrestles with. He doesn't tell us what to think but rather how to think and then discuss as a group. With its accessible title, clear explanations, and relevant content, Small Groups Made Easy will be a valuable resource for our leaders. - Michelle Attar, pastor of adult ministries, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship.
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