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Praying Through

Author: Jarrett Stevens
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631469817
Year of publication: 2020
Pages: 203
Subtitle: Overcoming the Obstacles That Keep Us From God

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Life can be hard. Prayer doesn’t have to be.
Whatever is going on with you right now, God is actually interested. And yet connecting with God through prayer can often feel foreign, challenging, or beyond our reach.

But here’s the thing: You’re already awesome at prayer.

You just don’t know it . . . yet.

Through over twenty years of pastoring and writing, Jarrett Stevens has made it his mission to connect the dots between God and our everyday lives. With fresh biblical insights, powerful stories, and spiritually practical practices, Praying Through will help you connect with God in fresh and meaningful ways no matter what season you may be going through.

Whether you’re new to prayer, or God seems silent, or you’re grieving a loss, or you need direction, or you're feeling grateful and don’t know how to express it—you don’t have to let these obstacles keep you from God.

There is a way for you to pray through!

With helpful starting practices to make prayer a more natural rhythm for your life, Jarrett helps you find your voice when words are hard to come by, to settle into the silence when God seems quiet, and to bring all your cares and celebrations to him, because he longs to walk with you in and through them.

  1. When Everything is New
  2. When I Need to Say Thanks
  3. When I Need Help
  4. When I Am Worried
  5. When I Am Gripped by Grief
  6. When I Need Direction
  7. When I Don't Hear Anything
  8. When I Am Out of Words
Conclusion: Amen

Never has there been a more timely title for a book, the simple and profound concept, or tour guide to help you See, Hear, and walk Through no matter if you have been a believer all your life or if this is all new... “No one is a master at prayer because prayer is not meant to be mastered”.. cannot be mastered because, like love, prayer has no end.. “Amen is not the end of prayer.” - B. Tykeau
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