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I Am A Leader

Author: Angie Ward
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641581769
Year of Publication: 2020
Pages: 219
Subtitle: When Women Discover the Joy of Their Calling
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You feel it, deep in your bones: God is inviting you to join Him, to participate in His redemptive work in the world. And yet, as a woman leader, you face so many potential obstacles. Lack of clarity over your unique calling. Competing time demands. Changing seasons of life. Challenges such as self-doubt, criticism, and spiritual dryness. With nearly 30 years of ministry experience, Angie Ward knows firsthand the unique challenges that women leaders face as they seek to pursue their calling.

In I Am a Leader, Angie explores the concept of “calling” as it applies specifically to women leaders—those women of influence both in Christian ministry and the broader world: What is calling? How do you discover it? And what does it look like to live out that calling practically amid a multitude of challenges?

Thoroughly researched, theologically and biblically integrated, and uniquely personal, I Am a Leader will resonate no matter where you are on the calling journey: whether you are wondering about your God-given purpose; sensing an inkling of an invitation to a particular ministry; or embarking on the path but encountering challenges.

Embrace leadership with courage and confidence a you journey toward God's plan to lead others well.

  1. What Is Calling?
  2. Discerning a Call
  3. Calling and Authority
  4. Calling and Marriage
  5. Calling and Seasons of Life
  6. Calling and Money
  7. Calling and Challenges

Angie Ward’s book, I Am a Leader, is the last leadership book you need to buy―man or woman. Yes, this book is written specifically for women and is spot-on in addressing the critical issues women need to face when accepting and pursuing their call. But a lot of the principles and wisdom shared is valuable for men as well. The chapter on “Stages of a Woman’s Life” is masterful and really resonated with me as a developmental psychologist who counsels both women and men through the transitions in their lives. Ward doesn’t just show you the city on the hill as a woman leader―she gives directions. If you are a woman, this is a must-read for you to be unleashed as a leader. If you are a man, this book is a must-read to clear away the obstacles and champion the leader in the women the Lord has placed around you. -- Rodney L. Cooper, PH.D, Kenneth and Jean Hansen Professor of Discipleship and Leadership Development at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Charlotte
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