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9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations

Author: Mary Schaller & John Crilly
Publisher: Tyndale
ISBN: 9781496405760
Year of Publication: 2016
Pages: 269
Subtitle: Walking alongside people who believe differently
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Is there any hope of having honest, open spiritual conversations?

"When I tried to bring up Jesus, it made the relationship awkward."
"I'm afraid of coming off as pushy, judgmental, or hypocritical."
"I want to talk about my faith, but I don't know how - and I don't have all the answers".

If you've ever felt uncomfortable talking about your faith with people who believe differently - you're not alone. But it is possible to engage in open and honest spiritual conversations .....without awkwardness!
Jesus did this effectively, and when you learn from him, so can you.

When you look at the life and ministry of Jesus, you'll see nine different ways in which he engaged with people. These practices, or "arts," are skills you can learn that will naturally deepen your connections with others. When spiritual conversations become an everyday reality, you'll have a front-row seat as God changes people's lives.

  1. The Heart and Habits of Jesus
  2. Rediscovering Nine Relational Practices of Jesus
  3. The Art of Noticing
  4. The Art of Praying
  5. The Art of Listening
  6. The Art of Asking Questions
  7. The Art of Loving
  8. The Art of Welcoming
  9. The Art of Facilitating
  10. The Art of Serving Together
  11. The Art of Sharing
  12. Starting a Q Place
  13. From Cups of Cold Water to Rivers of Living Water
An essential resource for accomplishing the mission Christ gave his church. - Rich Stearns, President of World Vision US and author of The Hole in Our Gospel.

Here are fresh and practical insights into how to engage people in spiritual discussions that are authentic and compelling. It's a must-have guide to becoming stronger salt and brighter light in the twenty-first century! - Lee Strobel, Bestselling author of The Case for Christ and professor of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University.

The ministry of Young Life has popularized the phrase that we need to "earn the right to be heard." This book puts flesh on that phrase lie nothing else I have ever read. - Greg Ogden, writer, speaker, teacher on discipleship, and author of Discipleship Essentials.

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