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Cost of Cheap Grace

Author: Bill Hull & Brandon Cook
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641581462
Year of Publication: 2019
Pages: 244
Subtitle: Reclaiming the Value of Discipleship
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What is a Christian?
At the most basic level, a Christian is a disciple of Jesus Christ. And yet many Christians today couldn’t tell you what a disciple of Jesus Christ is, or would even think of themselves as disciples. And yet in the Great Commission, Jesus specifically called us to make disciples. Everything else is secondary.

The Cost of Cheap Grace is an extended, sweeping, bold, and bracing call to repentance for where we’ve let secondary things subvert our commitment to discipleship, and a compelling vision for discipleship as the basis of the gospel in all its world-changing, subversive power.

  1. The Disciple Shortage
  2. The Upside-down Kingdom - Building Disciple-Making Cultures
  3. The Gospel Americana
  4. A Nation of Heretics
  5. Returning to the Biblical Gospel
  6. Running with Horses - Discipleship Practices for Everyday Life
  7. The Right Dirt
Conclusion: Decide


This book was refreshing, life-giving, freeing, and deeply meaningful to my walk with God and to my pastorate. I was encouraged and challenged, and I received great hope to step into the responsibility of sounding the clarion call: Following Jesus begins and ends with grace, but the middle is filled with a path paved by our willingness to obey Jesus’ words and emulate his life through the power of the Holy Spirit. -- Kelly M. Williams, senior pastor of Vanguard Church

Bill and Brandon help to challenge some of theology and church culture that has created a chasm of followers of Jesus actually following Jesus. They aren’t, however, simply doom and gloom prophets, but rather point us towards a better way forward with thoughtful insights and practical advice. The introduction alone is worth the price of the book and will give you a yearning for a better way forward for the church. - Mike G
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