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Invitation to Retreat

Author: Ruth Haley Barton
Publisher: IVP
ISBN: 9780830846467
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 149
Subtitle: The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God
Price$28.99 $30.44 with TAX
In returning and rest you will be saved.

There has never been a time when the invitation to retreat is so radical and so relevant, so needed and so welcome. It is not a luxury, but a necessity of the spiritual live.

Transforming Center founder and seasoned spiritual director Ruth Haley Barton gently leads us into retreat as a key practice that opens us to God. Based on her own practice and experience leading hundreds of retreats for others, she will guide you in a very personal exploration of retreat. You will discover how to say yes To God's winsome invitation to greater freedom and surrender.

TABLE OF CONTENTS:  an Interlude follows Chapters 3, 7 and 10
  1. Strategic Withdrawal
  2. Just Flop Down
  3. The Sources of Our Exhaustion
  4. Finding Your Rhythm on Retreat
  5. Sweet Hours of Prayer
  6. Letting Go of Your Grip
  7. Relinquishing False-Self Patterns
  8. Space for Discernment
  9. Invitation to Recalibrate
  10. Finding Spiritual Freedom
  11. Remember the Signs
  12. In Returning and Rest You Shall be Saved
Appendix 1: Fixed-Hour Prayer
Appendix 2: Planning Your Retreat

From her insightful analysis of just what is making us so tired, to her incredibly inviting description of ' strategic withdrawal,' to the practical retreat materials ans suggestions, this book might be the first thing you pack for your next retreat - Jim Martin, International Justice Mission.

I was unprepared for such practical, honest, and open insights into the spiritual discipline of retreat. If we're serious about true spiritual transformation, I would encourage all of us to explore God's invitation to get away, rest, and reflect through the pages of this book. - Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado, Compassion International.

Practical guidance and astonishing insight into the physical, psychological, and spiritual dynamics of intentional solitude. - Mark Scandrette, coauthor of Free and Belonging & Becoming.
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