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This Life We Share

Author: Maggie Wallem Rowe
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641580076
Year of Publication: 2020
Pages: 270
: 52 reflections on journeying well with God and others

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Sometimes your heart needs a water bottle, a walking stick, and warm companionship.

The Life We Share reflects on the twists and turns of life - from dealing with anxiety and insecurity, to everyday moments of waiting and distraction, to practical principles for parenting, grandparenting, and walking through various seasons of life. The Word of God serves as the map to help us navigate the uncertain terrain so that we can receive peace amid suffering, deal with fears about the future, and manage worry. We'll identify ways to respond with hope even when joy seems elusive or when we despair of God ever using our broken stories. Together, we will traverse this hidden pathway so that we can live well for God, love others, and care for ourselves as we venture through life.

  1. The Inner Journey - Reflections 1-10
  2. The Intentional Journey - Reflections 11-23
  3. The Relational Journey - Reflections 24-40
  4. The God of Your Journey - Reflections 41-52
Maggie Rowe has written a masterpiece - her magnum opus - and will guide you through evaluating your inner journey with all its anxiety, insecurity, and pain. She'll teach you how to live an intentional, purposeful life that's filled with relationships that matter. The focus of this book isn't becoming perfect - it's being God-focused and infusing your life with transformational truth. - Carol Kent, speaker; author of He Holds My Hand.

This Life We Share is an encouraging read about navigating life events in light of scriptural insight. As a cherished sister in Christ, Maggie takes the reader through her own circumstances, fusing her knowledge of God's Word alongside essential wisdom, humor, and truth. Here, Maggie has created a work that is both challenging to the reader and reassuring - ever pointing toward Christ, who has gone before us. - Rebecca Van Den Brink, pastor of ministries at North Sea Baptist Church.

Only a sensitive observer could have written this book. I have enjoyed Maggie's deep insights and ability to synthesize life's challenges and joys for over thirty years. She is a student of people, Scripture, biography, herself, and those she loves, and an eager friend. In short, wherever she is, Maggie is all there. It would be difficult to name a subject women might face that this book doesn't describe and handle with vulnerability honesty, humor, and understanding. I can image a small group of women bonding very easily as they glean more about life from Maggie's wisdom and decades of experience. - Gail MacDonald, wife, mom, grandmother, friend; author of High Call, High Privilege.
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