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Letters to a Young Congregation

Author: Eric E Peterson
ISBN:  9781641581158
Publisher: Navpress
Year of Publication: 2020
Pages: 208
Subtitle: Nurturing the growth of a faithful church
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Eugene Peterson instilled the love of the local church in his family, and especially his son, pastor Eric E. Peterson. This collection of letters, written over several years by Eric, offers a poignant, pastoral vision for what the people of God are to be about in their personal lives and their life together. You'll find this wisdom for one local church to be warm, winsome, knowing, understanding, and universally relevant.

Eric E. Peterson addresses essential questions such as “What is a church? What should a church be doing? What do we owe each other? What can we expect from one another? How do we follow Christ together?” A pastor in the state of Washington, he wrestled with how to grow his infant church into a mature Christian community. This book was born in the midst of a church coming to life, and is a compelling read for any pastor, church leader, or congregant.

Purchase individually or together with Letters to a Young Pastor, a book that contains letters written back and forth between Eugene Peterson and his son, Eric E. Peterson.

Table of Contents:
1 What My Life Is About  
2 What God Is About  
3 What the Church Is About 
4 What Following Jesus Is About 
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