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Life Change Library

Author: Doug Nuenke
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641583459
Year of Publication: 2021
Pages: 240
Subtitle: Essential writings on knowing Christ and making Him known
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Move from ambivalence about Christianity to enthusiastically knowing Christ and making him known.
For nearly a century The Navigators has been on the front lines of life-to-life discipleship, nurturing an ever-expanding movement of people who know Christ, make Him known, and help others to do the same. Contained in this volume are some of the most seminal insights from key leaders of this grassroots ministry phenomenon, addressing the central challenges of discipleship in our time.

Open this library of life change to any page and you’ll find your pulse quickening at the prospect of a dynamic life of following Christ and giving witness to the greatness of God.

Table of Contents:

Knowing Christ 
1 Marks of a Disciple Lorne C. Sanny
2 How to Spend a Day in Prayer Lorne C. Sanny  
3 Claiming the Promise Doug Sparks
4 Changing Your Thought Patterns George Sanchez
5 Getting to Know God through a Daily Quiet Time Mike Jordahl 
6 The One-Direction Life Jean Fleming

 Making Christ Known 
7 Work: Where Life and Calling Meet Jerry White  
8 Telling His Story by Telling Yours Joe Maschhoff  
9 Reading the Bible with Friends Who Don’t Believe It Jim Petersen 
1 0 How Do We Create a Life-Giving Atmosphere? Dana Yeakley 
1 1 Born to Reproduce Dawson Trotman 
1 2 The Need of the Hour Dawson Trotman  

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