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7 Ways to Pray

Author: Amy Boucher Pye
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 97816415823770
Year of Publication: 2021
Pages: 192
Subtitle: Time tested practices for encountering God
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A hands-on and time-tested look at ways to pray that will strengthen your relationship with God and lead to transformation.

7 Ways to Pray explores ancient prayer practices to help you encounter God and avoid an over-intellectualization of your faith. Each chapter shares real-life examples, is rooted in the Bible, and includes prayer exercises for individuals or groups. This is a sourcebook for prayer, not a simple to-do list. Amy is a storyteller that brings these proven practices to life so you can make them immediately actionable. This is a great resource for your retreat, prayer group, or book club.

Prayer is a gift from God; praying is a practice. We are always a simple word or single step away from a conversation with God. And yet taking that step or saying that word can sometimes feel confounding. This book draws from the deep well of Christian history to make praying a habit to enjoy in our crazy, bustling, wearying times. With seven ways of approaching prayer and practical examples of those ways to pray, you will find yourself regularly and repeatedly turning to God and finding him happy to hear from you

Table of Contents

1 God’s Word to Us: How to Pray with the Bible
2 Lectio Divina: How to Pray through the Bible
3 The Indwelling God: How to Practice the Presence of God 
4 Hearing God: How to Listen in Prayer 
5 The Prayer of Lament: How to Cry Out to God 
6 Entering the Story: How to Pray with Your Imagination
7 Remembering in Prayer: How to Move Forward by Looking Back  1

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