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Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Author: Peter Scazzero
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310109518
Pages: 288
Year Printed:2021
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Many pastors and leaders are stuck in a culture of “shallow discipleship” that severely undermines the impact of their ministry. Pete Scazzero takes three decades of wisdom and hard lessons learned to reverse this crisis and create a church culture that multiplies deeply changed disciples.

The global church is facing a discipleship crisis. Here is how we move forward.

Pastors and church leaders want to see lives changed by the gospel. They work tirelessly to care for people, initiate new ministries, preach creatively, and keep up with trends. Sadly, much of this effort does not result in deeply changed disciples.

Traditional discipleship strategies fail because they do not:

  • Slow down people's lives so they can cultivate a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Challenge the values of Western culture that have compromised the radical call to follow the crucified Jesus.
  • Integrate sadness, loss, and vulnerability, leaving people defensive and easily triggered.
  • Measure our spiritual maturity by how we are growing in our ability to love others.

In Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, bestselling author Pete Scazzero lays out how to create an emotionally healthy culture and multiply deeply-changed people in every aspect of church life—including leadership and team development, marriage and single ministry, small groups, preaching, worship, youth and children's ministry, administration, and outreach.

Complete with assessments and practical strategies, Emotionally Healthy Discipleship will help you move people to the beneath-the-surface discipleship that actually has the power to change the world.


'There is so much to like in Peter Scazzero's Emotionally Healthy Discipleship--he pushes against the 'let's get 'er done' approach to measuring discipleship and advocates instead a slowed-down be-with-God measure to following Jesus. What I like most is his emphasis on getting to know the crucified Jesus and ridding ourselves of the Americanized Jesus.'Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary; author of Jesus Creed
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Emotionally Healthy Discipleship
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