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Life Change - Christian Community

Author: The Navigators
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641585231
Year of Publication: 2022
Pages: 96
Subtitle A bible study on being part of Gods Family

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LifeChange Bible studies train you in good Bible study practices even as you enjoy a robust and engaging Bible study experience. Learn the skill as you study the Word. Your study of the Scriptures will never be the same!

At its heart, the Christian life is about relationships—loving God, our neighbors, and our brothers and sisters in Christ. In this LifeChange topical Bible study you’ll learn what life is supposed to be like in God’s family, a life that is patterned after the eternal relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Social isolation has such a devastating impact because God created us for community. A pandemic and the rise of social media has amplified this isolation. This LifeChange study guides you towards genuine Biblical community.

The LifeChange Topical studies are optimized for small group use. Every study is broken down into 8-9 sessions of about 45 minutes. Each session includes:
  • Questions, interpretation, and application of a passage to the topic
  • Personally focused “Your Response” question
  • “For Further Study” section that gives readers another passage to explore around the topic
  • Callouts that include language study, historical context, and illuminating quotes from commentaries
Table of contents:
Session One — The New Commandment (1 John 3:11‑24)
Session Two — Caring for Each Other (Philippians 2:1‑11) 
Session Three — Your Role in the Family (1 Corinthians 12) 
Session Four — Learning to Wash Feet (John 13:1‑17) 
Session Five — Stop Judging Each Other (Romans 14)
Session Six — Family Rules (Colossians 3:1‑17) 
Session Seven — Sin and Forgiveness (Matthew 18:15‑35)
Session Eight — One New Humanity (Ephesians 2:11‑22)
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Life Change - Christian Community
$13.65 with TAX
You Save$3.25