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Deconstruct Faith Discover Jesus

Author: Preston Ulmer
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641586047
Year of Publication: 2023
Pages: 165
Subtitle: How questioning your religion can lead you to a healthy and holy God
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What If Deconstructing Your Faith Isn’t a Phase but a Holy Process?

There’s probably a really good reason you picked up this book. Are you desperate to be in relationship with family or friends who are questioning their faith? Are you experiencing your own deconstruction of faith?

Here is your invitation to rethink everything you thought you knew.

In this process, you’ll . . .
  • learn why it’s important to deconstruct (and how we are wired to do it);
  • define deconstruction and deconversion—what they really mean;
  • consider WWJD (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?); and
  • apply the FUSE method to deconstruct for yourself.

Deconstruct Faith, Discover Jesus will help you to enter the mindset of a deconstructionist. A worldview with a high capacity for paradoxes. A mental space that outweighs your self-interest in being right. A tendency to see Christian beliefs as inseparable from Christian ethics.

In doing so, you will find the original deconstructionist, Jesus, right beside you.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Saving Deconstruction

Part One: Why Deconstruct
1 . Deconstruction Is Part of Our Spiritual Heritage
2 . More Questions Than Answers
3 . Deconstruction versus Deconversion
4 . Deconstruction Is about Authority
5 . WWJD? (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)

Part Two: How to Deconstruct—The FUSE Method
6 . F: Find the Specifics
7. U - Understand Where It Came From
8. S: Share the Impact
9 . E: Engage with the Remains 

Conclusion: A Christianity for Our Kids 
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