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Small Batch Discplemaking

Author: David Sunde
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641586133
Year of Publication: 2024
Pages: 220
Subtitle: A Rhythm for training the few to reach the many
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Recover Jesus' strategy of training the few to reach the many.

What if rather than funneling people through church programs, you invested in their growth? Would this kind of intentional investment help you discover a new kind of Christian purpose and spiritual legacy? And, what if you already have what it takes to develop your spiritual growth as a disciple while apprenticing others?

As Christians, we should all participate in spiritual leadership by seeking to make spiritual investment in the lives closest to us. It’s time for us to move away from institutionalized, Sunday morning faith and toward a more relationally driven, culturally friendly, and doable approach to disciple-making. What you will discover is how discipleship is not about learning more but learning to give away what you already have in Christ.

Small-Batch Disciplemaking by David Sunde is a compelling field guide for Christians looking to make a difference in the world by sharing their faith. With practical and empowering strategies for navigating the intimidating Biblical mandate of making disciples, this book equips and empowers readers to
  • Grow in faith in order to give faith away
  • Learn intentional spiritual practices like hospitality, compassion, and gratitude
  • Confidently go out and make a difference in the world
Get ready for a deeply pragmatic, culturally informed disciple-making faith.

Table of Contents:
INTRODUCTION: Disciples Aren’t Mass-Produced
1 THE RHYTHM OF APPRENTICING: Rediscovering Christianity’s Mission and Trade
2 THE RHYTHM OF RENEWAL: Developing a Growing Awareness of God’s Presence
3 THE RHYTHM OF HOSPITALITY: Discerning Whom God Has Prepared in Advance
4 THE RHYTHM OF COMMUNIT Y: Discovering Your Potential and Finding Your Contribution
5 THE RHYTHM OF COMPASSION: Learning to See Others’ Needs as Merely Different from Your Own
6 THE RHYTHM OF GENEROSITY: Seeing God as the Source . . . and Surrendering to Him
7 THE RHYTHM OF GRATITUDE: Understanding How Postures and the Names of God Align Our Hearts
8 CO- MISSIONING: Recovering God’s Mission for Disciplemaking

Finding Your Rhythm: Your Apprenticing Timeline: Finding God in the Sequence of Your Life
Finding Your Rhythm: Developing an Awareness of God’s Presence
Finding Your Rhythm: Discerning Whom God Has Prepared in Advance for You
Finding Your Rhythm: Called to Be “With-nesses”: The Practice of Intentional Faith in Community 

Finding Your Rhythm: Sustaining the Work of Compassion and Cultivating the Infilling of the Holy Spirit  
Finding Your Rhythm: Expressing Faith through Giving  
Finding Your Rhythm: Calling on the Names of God: Understanding God’s Character
Finding Your Rhythm: Run to Win . . . but Don’t Forget to Pass the Baton! 

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