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Holiness Here

Author: Karen Stiller
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641587457
Year of Publication: 2024
Pages: 181
Subtitle: Searching for God in the ordinary events of everyday life
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Do You Recognize Holiness in Your Own Life and in the Here and Now?

These days, brokenness feels more comfortable to discuss than holiness. It’s easier to say that we are messy than holy, that healing is a long way off. To say that we are holy seems like one step away from holier than thou, and no one ever wants to be that.

Holiness Here offers practical and inspiring ways to transform your life by helping you see the holiness within your ordinary, everyday life.

Holiness is 
  • a warm invitation to a new and better way to live
  • a calling for our lives in Scripture
  • a search that marks the life of a Christian (even when we don’t live fully into that reality)
  • a most basic urge—to live and love differently that we did before—because what we believe changes the way we act
As a fellow pilgrim on the journey, Canadian authour Karen Stiller weaves together captivating stories, theological insights, and spiritual reflections to help you discover holiness in the mundane moments of your life. With her engaging style and accessible voice, Karen invites you to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, discipleship, and wisdom. You will explore holiness from a fresh perspective, from the importance of community and the role of the church to ways to cultivate a deeper relationship with God and live out your faith. Karen also explores topics like the fruit of the Spirit, money and work, hospitality, and humility.

Read on your own or with a group, Holiness Here is a rich spiritual formation and discipleship resource that will inspire you to seek out the beauty and wonder of a holy life.

Table of Contents:
1 Searching for Holiness 
2 Fruit 
3 Body
4 Money 
5 Hospitality
6 Humility 
7 Beauty  
8 Church 
9 Remembering
10 Sorrow  
11 Holiness Here and Now
 Discussion Questions  
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