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Intentional Disciplemaking

Author: Ron Bennett
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781576832622
Pages: 109
Year Printed:
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Disciples Don't Just Happen!

There's a lot of talk about discipleship these days. But how are we doing at fulfilling Christ's Great Commission to "Go...make Disciples?" Veteran disciple maker Ron Bennett asks church ministries three questions to help them evaluate their progress:
What impact is your church having on the culture in which is lives?
How effective is your church in populating heaven?
Are the lives of believer radically changed as a result of their encounter with Christ and your church?

A disciplemaking church significantly impacts its members and its environment. But how does the church make disciples? Disciples don't just happen. They're developed through intentional planning and the effort of the community of believers.

For years, Ron Bennett has worked closely with churches that want to make disciples. He helps them understand what a biblical disciple of Christ looks like and works with them to create an environment geared specifically toward developing disciples. That includes developing specific goals to bring believers to spiritual maturity - to discipleship. You, too, can make disciples in your church. But it won't just happen. You need to decide what you're going to do and how to do it. Here's help for churches that want to make disciples - on purpose.


     1. Arrested Spiritual Development?
     2. Discipleship Blueprints
     3. Transformation versus Conformation
     4. Evangelism Unpacked
     5. Overcoming Barriers
     6. Discipleship Dynamics
     7. Authentic Leadership
     8. Ministering Beyond Your Means
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