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Living Proof - the book

Author: Jim Peterson
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9780891095613
Pages: 251
Year Printed:
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Formerly EVANGELISM AS A LIFESTYLE and EVANGELISM FOR OUR GENERATION, this combined and revised book by Jim Peterson shares what he has learned from over 25 years of working with the unchurched. He shows that, although many people do not want to hear about our faith, they will talk about their own felt needs - needs that can only be met in Christ.

LIVING PROOF will show you how to develop relationships with the unreached, model the Christian message, and eventually present the Bible's claims in a non-threatening manner.

By outlining where secular society stands, and offering many practical guidelines for reaching out to the unchurched, Jim Peterson will help you learn to share your faith naturally, and as a result, more effectively.

Part 1: Analysis of the TImes
1.  Understanding the Times
2.  Understanding the People of Our Generation
3.  Jesus and the People of His Generation
4.  The Message for Our Generation
5.  The Fact of Isolation
6.  From Isolation to Communication
Part 2: Two Aspects of Evangelism
7.  Proclamation
8.  Affirmation
Part 3:The Messenger Affirms the Message
9.  Lighting Up the Darkness
10.The Congruence of Life and Belief
11.Don't Obscure the Message
12.Who Adapts to Whom?
13.The Witness of the Body
14.Three Simultaneous Influences
Part 4:Practical Guidance in Lifestyle Evangelism
15.Evangelism Is a Team Effort
16.Taking the First Steps
17.Bridging the Distance from Indifference to Faith
18.Going to the Primary Source
19.The Biblical Basis for Faith
20.The Dynamics of Conversion
21.Guiding Someone Through the Scriptures
22.A Time to Sow, a Time to Reap
23.Enlarging Your Circles of Opportunity
Appendix A:Twenty-four Hours with John
Appendix B:Twelve Types of Understanding Questions
Book Dimensions: 15 x 22.5 cm.
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