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Living the Letters - Galatians

Author: Navigator Staff
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781600060293
Pages: 153
Year Printed: 2007
A NavStudy Featuring The Message

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Almost two thousand years ago, Paul wrote a letter that would change history.

There is something special about the written word. In a modern world filled with disposable e-mails, receiving a handwritten letter remains one of life's simple pleasures. A personal letter is crafted with purpose. Its carefully chosen words form thoughts, share feelings, and convey ideas - ideas that can transcend time and change lives.

Living the Letters invites you to rediscover the power of the written word. This study guide highlights one of the greatest letters ever written: Paul's message to the young church in Galatia. With this twelve-week series, you'll explore the rich wisdom of Galatians on topics such as spiritual discernment, intimacy with God, and our freedom in Christ.

Features Include:
  • Scripture readings in the beloved Message translation
  • Lectio divina, an ancient approach to studying Scripture
  • A format that is ideal for groups of all sizes

So don't just read the Bible.
Read, think, pray, and live His Word

  1. Limits Learning
  2. Discernment
  3. Rules
  4. Listening

  5. Redemption
  6. Intimacy
  7. Care
  8. Freedom
  9. Selflessness
  10. Community
  11. No Rules, Just Write
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