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Ways of the Alongsider

Author: Bill Mowry
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781631465727
Published:  2016
Sub-title:  Growing Disciples Life to Life
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Disciple-making can be intimidating. You might think that someone who makes disciples has to be a teacher, a missionary, or someone who is seminary trained. Would it surprise you to know that disciple-making is just a lifestyle in which you offer people love, comfort, and encouragement where they live, work, and play?

Despite our weaknesses and fears, Jesus invites us to participate in the Great Commission by helping people live for Christ in the here and now. All you have to do is live intentionally, love God, and journey alongside others—life to life.

This ten-week Bible study with discussion questions spells out the “how” of making disciples through an alongsider approach to life. Discover and apply the practices of an alongsider, such as reading the Bible with others, asking questions, telling stories, encouraging application, and living on mission.

The Ways of the Alongsider can be used with small groups, in a class setting, or in a one-to-one discipling relationship.

Table of Contents
Part One: Foundations
1. The Way of the Amateur: Alongsiders Do It from Love
2. The Way of Love: Alongsiders Live the Great Commandment
3. The Way of Intentionality: Alongsiders Think Big but Start Small
4. The Way of Prayer: Alongsiders Partner with God through Prayer
Part Two: Skills
5. The Way of Relationships: Alongsiders Build Authentic Friendships
6. The Way of Depth: Alongsiders Go Deep in Relationships
7. The Way of the Word: Alongsiders Help Others Love and Live the Scriptures
8. The Way of Discovery: Alongsiders Ask Questions and Tell Stories
9. The Way of The Triple Play: Alongsiders Practice Application, Accountability, and Affirmation
10. The Way of Mission: Alongsiders Recruit People to Live as Insiders
What Do I Do Next? An Alongsider Action Plan
My Pledge to Be an Alongsider
Alongsider Action Page

"A “just do it” approach has pervaded a great deal of Christian teaching on discipleship.
Yet for all of the passionate preaching, many believers quietly struggle with their own
inability to apply Jesus’ teachings to their lives.
Bill Mowry provides the often-omitted vital ingredient: the role of the “alongsider”
and a clear pathway to follow with that individual. Whether you are just beginning your
journey with Jesus or have followed Jesus for decades, this practical guidebook offers
you the opportunity to engage in the life-changing journey as a disciple of Jesus."
---TIM DAY,  Author of God Enters Stage Left, director of City Movement Canada

"We recommend The Ways of the Alongsider for any church that is serious about the
mission of making disciples. Our experience has been exciting. We use these biblical
principles to train those who are willing to invest their lives into making disciples. God
has given us maturing disciples and is growing our church!"
---RICHARD AND LINDA REITER, Pastors of Vineyard Christian Church

"The Ways of the Alongsider has had a profound impact on our church. It has provided a
very simple and practical guide giving the average Christian layperson all the tools they
need to become a disciple-maker. All of our pastors, elders, church staff, and Christian
school faculty have gone through it. It has become a staple of our church."
---RICK SOWINSKI, Discipleship coordinator, East Richland Evangelical Friends Church, St. Clairsville, Ohio

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