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How To Develop Reading & Writing Skills - Digital

Author:  Gail Tiessen
Publisher:  Joy Two Publications

Gail Tiessen, Professor Emeritus of TESOL, Providence University College & Seminary, Manitoba, Canada. She has taught English, trained and supervised language teachers, and developed English language curricula in community, workplace and academic settings for 30 years.

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How to Develop Reading & Writing Skills

This is a professional development course for teachers of English to speakers of other languages. The purpose is to develop one's understanding of the social role which written language fulfills and some of the skills involved in becoming competent readers and writers.

The course has twelve sessions using a combination of tasks in each session from First Century Christianity, Vol III: Developing Reading & Writing Skills, discussions and learning reflections. Each session takes approximately five hours.


  1. Communicative Competence
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Reading Strategies
  4. Teaching Reading
  5. Reading Tasks
  6. Assessing Reading
  7. Integrating Reading & Writing
  8. Writing Competence
  9. Writing Process
  10. Writing Tasks
  11. Treatment of Error
  12. Assessing Writing

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