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Finding Home

Author: Julie Heilinger and Stephanie Wood
Publisher: Navpress
ISBN: 9781641584012
Year of Publication: 2021
Pages: 160
Subtitle: Exploring God's Dream for our neighbourhoods
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What is God's answer to a lonely and isolated community?

So much of our modern era is spent in isolation. We have coworkers, neighbours, friends, and family - but we feel alone. And from screens to food deliveries to virtual church, we are increasingly engaged in activities that keep us from one another. 
It's not good to be alone. That's one of the first things God said. 

In this 10-session discussion guide, Navigator ministry leaders Julie Heiliger and Stephanie Wood, with the help of friends who have caught the vision of neighbourhoods as places where God is present, invite you into a process of unlearning the ways of withdrawal and isolation. You'll see how God calls us to commit ourselves to the places where we find ourselves. You'll develop new hopes and dreams for your neighbourhood, and you'll learn to love one another as you love yourself. Gather some friends to work through Findng Home together, and experience the joy of committed community where you live, work, study and play.

"If you commit to journey through this book, especially with others, I think you'll be astonished with the stories you get to tell." - Tim Sorens, authour  of Everywhere you Look.

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