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Christmas Story - online course


Author: Gail Tiessen
Publisher: Joy Two Publications

Text: Selections from Luke 1, 2 & Matthew 2
 Focus: Listening, Speaking & Reading Skills
Level: Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB 2-5)
International English Language Testing System (IELTS 4-4.9) Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR B1)

Time: 4 Sessions (~2 hours each session)


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Price$40.00 $42.00 with TAX

There are four Bible studies for English Language Learners. Included are PowerPoint slides with embedded audio/video files. Facilitator Instructions, and Learner Interactive Workbook. The learners interact with the text (Gospel of Luke and Matthew) through a variety of guided listening and speaking tasks.

Each study takes approximately 2 hours.


Session 1. The Birth Announcement
Session 2. The Birth
Session 3. The Shepherds
Session 4. The Wise Men

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