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ESL Handbook for Teaching Bible Based ESL

Author: J. Wesley Eby
Publisher: Foundry
Printed: 2021
Pages: 96
Price$23.75 $24.94 with TAX

The Handbook for Teaching Bible-Based ESL provides a step-by-step guide for establishing a thriving ESL ministry at your church. New and experienced leaders alike will benefit from the many practical and innovative suggestions on second-language teaching.

You’ll learn to:
• Choose the most appropriate method for leading your particular ESL study
• Determine which materials you will need to set up your ESL study for success
• Understand and embrace cultural differences
• Evaluate the language levels of your students and your effectiveness as a leader
• Share your faith with your group

The Handbook for Teaching Bible-Based ESL also includes:
• Sample lesson plans
• Communication tips
• Teaching resources
• A pronunciation guide

The ESL Bible Study Series is designed to disciple new Christians who are learning to speak English. 

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