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How Do You Say That? 3 volumes Digital

Text: Aesop’s Fables
Focus: The English Vowel System (Part 1)  & Consonant System (Part 2) and the Melody of English(Part 3)
Level: Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB 3-9)
International English Language Testing System (IELTS 4-9)
Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR A1-C2)
Classroom Time: approx. 1-1½ hours per focus


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Part 1 The English Vowel System ; Part 2 The English Consonant System; Part 3 The Melody of English

A Curriculum in three differing parts that focuses on pronunciation and how the spoken form relates to the written form. Each focus covers approximately one and a half hours of on task class time.

Part 1 The English Vowel System Part 2 The English Consonant System Part 3 The Melody of English

The English Vowel System
1. Relaxed Vowels
2. Tense Vowels
3. Letter A: Is it Grey or Black?
4. Letter E: Is it Green or Red?
5.Letter Y
6. Letter I: Is it White or Silver?
7. Letter O: Is it Gold or Bronze?
8. Letter U: Is it Blue, Wood or Rust?
9. Letter W
10. Vowel Lengthening
11. Vowel Review
12. Language Groups’ Vowel

Pronunciation Challenges
1. Consonant Formation
2. Voicing I
3. Voicing II : Vowel Lengthening
4. Voicing III: ed Suffix
5. Voicing IV: -'s' Suffix
6. Air Blockage I: V & W
7. Air Blockage II: L & R
8. Air Flow I: Puff of Air
9. Air Flow II: SH & CH
10. Voicing, Air Blockage & Flow
11. Initial Consonant Clusters
12. Final Consonant Clusters
13. Review: Find the Seabirds
14. Language Groups’ Consonant Pronunciation Challenges

Melody of English

1. The Beat of Stress & Unstress
2. Phrase Stress
3. Reductions
4. Pausing Appropriately
5. Prominent Point
 6. Rising Falling Intonation
7. Continuous Rising Intonation
8. Don't You Mean...
9. Contrastive Stress
10. Option Intonation
11. Tag Questions
12. Emotions Intonation
13. Language Groups’ Melody Prounciation Challenges

Gail Tiessen is an accomplished teacher and author in the EAL field.  She has developed and administered TESOL and EAL programs and written EAL curricula for 30 years.
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